How to Create an Inspiring Space with Houseplants

Room filled with plants

People are craving the outdoors more than ever before. However, for many of us, a spacious garden is still only a dream. Instead, people are bringing the outdoors in. This explains why your social media feeds are bursting with pictures of perfectly curated urban jungles. And why the ‘crazy cat lady’ has been replaced by the ‘crazy plant lady’.   

This green revolution stretches beyond aesthetic values. A rediscovered appreciation for the health benefits of plants has everyone from Oprah to your childhood best friend suddenly becoming professional horticulturists. No wonder starting your own plant family is looking a little overwhelming. 

But don’t worry; we’ve got your back. Below you’ll find helpful hints on how to transform your living space into horticultural heaven.

Creative Ideas to Fill Your Home with Houseplants

To the window, to the wall

Ok, maybe we’re throwing you in at the deep end here. But once you see how impressive a living wall looks, you’ll understand why. Ideal for living rooms, staircases, and bathrooms, vertical gardens are way more achievable than you think. 

Your go-to wall plants are the silver vine, string of beads, spider plants, and chain cacti.

Living wall

Place them on high shelves or simply arrange in planters. They’ll breathe life into your space, relieve stress and soften your home environment.

Bathrooms involve warmer, humid conditions that call for tropical plants. Golden and Satin Pothos thrive near the tub and, luckily for us, they can handle the odd forgetful owner! Shelves or suction pots are best for arranging plants on a tiled wall or arrange a row of spider plants by the bathtub.

Stealing the limelight

Usually, we say more is more when it comes to houseplants. But if you get it right, one plant can say it all. 

Your living room is the heart of your home and probably where you spend the most time. Whether you’re entertaining friends, catching up with family, or binge-watching the latest Netflix series, it’s the perfect place to add a statement plant. 

Statement plant in living room

With their flamboyant leaves and rapid growth, the humongous Swiss Cheese plants are guaranteed statement makers. Holes appear in their waxy leaves as they change and adapt over time, creating a beautiful focal point in any room. Swiss Cheese plants will thrive in most homes, provided they get plenty of light, but no direct sunlight. Banana trees, Chinese Money Plants, and Ficus Lyratas (also known as the fiddle-leaf fig) are also great options for statement plants. Place them centre-stage and don't be jealous when your houseplant gets more attention than you!

Plant powered performance

More and more of us are acclimatising to the work from home world. And for most of us, this entails setting boundaries and creating calm moments in otherwise hectic routines. 

Surrounding yourself with houseplants while you work can help you do both. Known for enhancing performance, plants can also maintain a stress-free work environment. Choose a larger plant to physically block out distractions from colleagues, partners, or children, or arrange a family of succulents around your workspace to increase oxygen intake and alleviate stress.   

Plants surrounding a desk

Choose low maintenance options like Succulents or Snake Plants if you find yourself overwhelmed with work. They require little attention and only occasional watering, which means that’s one less thing for you to worry about!

Level up

If you think the best you can do with plants is place a few pots here and there, think again. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can start to get creative and gradually transform your interior into a house-friendly tropical forest.    

So how can you advance your arrangement skills from basic to breathtaking?

The answer is levels.

We’re talking about maximising plant-friendly spots. It’s time to scope out all available nooks and crannies. Warning: no empty surface is safe.

Let’s work from the floor up. Chinese fans, Yuccas, and Birds-of-paradise are perfect floor plants. They liven up corners, easily placed on low stools or tables.

Room with plants 

Play around with smaller potted plants on window sills and tables. Choose pots with colours and textures that complement your space. How about upcycling household items for a cost-effective and sustainable alternative?

If you’re blessed with high ceilings, invest in plant hangers to draw attention to your new houseplants. Macrame hangers look amazing and, if you’re up for a bit of DIY, super simple to make yourself! Flowering plants like Burro’s Tail, Boston Ferns, or English Ivy suit hanging planters best. Just make sure they’re not so high you can’t reach them to water!

Size doesn’t matter (seriously.) 

Our favourite thing about houseplants is their adaptability to any room, whether you live in a Hollywood Hills mansion or a single bed studio apartment. No matter the size or shape of your living space, you can still enjoy their benefits. 

Remember those nooks and crannies you scoped out earlier? Yep, you guessed it. We’re still talking about optimising our space. Although a living wall or statement plant looks amazing, you can still turn your home into an impressive urban jungle with limited space. 

Plants on a shelf

It's easy to create a mini garden in even the smallest flat, with plants like Aloe Vera and various types of succulents happily squeezing into unused areas. Think cacti, air plants, and miniature succulents. Mount shelving near your windows or hang smaller pots from coat hooks! Using plants as interior decor should elevate your space and doesn't have to overcrowd it. 

Rooted remedies

With copious health benefits, filling your home with houseplants means you don't have to venture to your closest spa for a restorative afternoon. Place pots by your bed and soak in the benefits while you sleep. Or go all out and turn a spare room into a relaxation retreat! Roll out your yoga matt and turn on the sounds of the ocean. All that's left to add are some soothing shrubs. Lemongrass, Aloe Vera, and Sage are all aromatherapy plants with various healing properties, perfect to de-stress and relieve anxieties!

Aloe Vera plant

Another option is to create a natural medicine cabinet on your kitchen window sill. Many experts agree that St John's wort can help tackle low mood and depression. There's also an argument for sage lowering your cholesterol, and let's not forget the mother of all medicinal plants; Echinacea. With the power to boost your immune system and help fight infections, it's a must-have! Who knew these everyday plants could have such amazing benefits? Get ready to relax your body, calm your mind and renew your love of houseplants.

Becoming a houseplant parent isn't limited by the size or style of your living space, and we're sure we can supply you with the perfect plant to fit your lifestyle! So what are you waiting for? You're ready to transform your house into the gorgeous green space you've always dreamed of!